We’ve Got It Backwards

“Mommy, I can’t read this.
It’s all upside down!
Mommy, it’s the truth –
Why do you have that frown?”

“b’s and d’s aren’t easy.
For me, they are hard.
M’s and W’s –
I can’t tell them apart.”

“Tatte, I can’t daven,
Like others in shul.
I don’t want to go.
I look like a fool.”

“Kids laugh at me.
It’s because I’m so slow.”
Years have passed by,
And you sure did grow.

There was no instant cure.
You worked hard many hours.
You didn’t give up,
Drawing out untapped powers.

Doors started to open,
We thought were sealed tight.
The first blessing read,
Brought such huge delight.

There’s still dyslexia,
But your eyes shine with joy.
Courage is now,
A big part of our boy.

You learned how to struggle.
You’re not scared to try.
You fall down. You get up.
I barely hear you sigh.

“It’s all upside down!”
Your words were not wrong.
Those given a big weakness,
Can end up the most strong.

Bracha Goetz is a Mentoring Coordinator in Baltimore, Maryland and the author of eleven children’s books, including The Happiness Box, The Invisible Book, and What Do You See At Home? For Bracha’s presentations, you’re welcome to email bgoetzster@gmail.com.

3 comments on “We’ve Got It Backwards

  1. And that is why I give my children awards every few months. In recognition of their efforts in what they struggle with.

    My son’s rebbe give out gumballs to the kids for each mishnah they memorize. He also give out gumballs to the kids who attempt to memorize (to me this is impressive, b/c he understands that not everyone can accomplish exactly the same amount).

  2. Amazing post. Appreciating the accomplishments of these types of struggles is so important.

    Unfortunately we’re all affected by a somewhat elitist secular and frum society where the majority of recognition goes to the “A” achievers despite the degree of effort.

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