2 comments on “Rabbi Dovid Schwartz, ztz”l

  1. Yes, the very same. You can enjoy much of his Torah and wit right here on this site. Chaval. You can also see his shiurim on torahanytime.com

  2. Shalom. I live in Los Angeles, and saw the news of the petira of Rabbi Schwartz. Fifty years ago, when I was 10 years old, a red-headed boy with an amazing sense of humor entered our Modern Orthodox day school for a year, and became my friend. He left after a year or two, and IIRC, his parents wanted him to learn in a yeshivah setting. I never saw him again.

    When I saw the news about Rabbi Schwartz’s petira, I began to wonder if this was he. I have read some of his writings today, and they are full of insight and humor. Somehow, I wonder if he was that boy that I befriended long ago, who at the time went by the name David (English pronunciation). Was he by any chance born in 1957/1958?

    Either way, may his family find nechama in the memories that so many are sharing.

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