Beyond Vertlach – Key Points of the Seder

Divrei Torah and vertlach at the Seder are wonderful, but it’s important to focus on the key points of the seder.

Here’s are the Key Points of the Seder in text:

1) Tell the Detailed Story – Sippur Yetzias Mitzraim

2) Use Imagery & Details to Really Live/Feel It

3) Strengthen Your Emunah
a. Hashem Exists
b. Hashem is Directly Involved – Hashgacha Pratis
c. Hashem is One – No Other

4) Feel the Gratitude – Hakaros HaTov

5) Give Thanks, Sing, Praise – L’Hodos, L’Hallel, L’Shevach

6) Serve Hashem with Love, Joy and Enthusiasm

Download the one page graphic here.

One comment on “Beyond Vertlach – Key Points of the Seder

  1. 3d- Just as Hashem saved us then, He saves us now — communally and individually.

    To my mind, 3d is the meaning of “in every generation, each person is obligated to see himself as if he too left Mitzrayim…”

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