Rabbinical Backing of This Project

I had mentioned in an email to Gil that this project has Rabbinic backing, which he wrote up as Rabbinic approval which is being speculated about in parts of the blogosphere as Rabbinic supervision.

To start this project, we talked to Rabbi Herschel Welcher, Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz, the Rabbis listed as contributors and others. They all felt that this project is an important one for the Jewish community and encouraged us to pursue it. They are not involved on a day to day basis, nor are they monitoring the posts. When questions come up which we feel require Rabbinic input, we will of course consult them. They are smart, understanding and caring people who toil endless hours for the greater good and we feel fortunate to have them as leaders, teachers and friends.

Many of the people involved in this project are integrated and contributing to the larger observant community in significant ways. Our Rabbeim are wise enough to empower us to serve our community and make our own decisions and mistakes.

We will be discussing the important topic of finding a Rav in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned.

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