How Do You Say Blogger in Yiddish?

Just wanted to thank all the people who have linked and have stopped by. The words of encouragement are wonderful. Please leave comments, as nothing warms a bloggers heart more than a comment, a short story or a question.

Let me leave you with this link from the Hyde Park Hevre, a London Chassidic Website which is hosted out of Israel. I brought it to Shul tonight to have it translated and the Hevre likes our blog.

If you give it a close look, you can learn how to say blogger in Yiddish. If anyone can translate the whole piece and leave the translation in the comments, you’ll have a friend for life.

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  1. Mark

    please deconstruct blog in english and then I’ll try my hand at a yiddish translation. Be forewarned I know niether the Yiddish word for web or for log/diary but I could look them up.


  2. Rabbi Schwartz – I thought you were already my friend for life.

    In regards to blog being tranliterated rather than translated in the original Yiddish, how did the say blog in the Old Country? If anybody could research this for me, it would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Thanks Chaim

    You’re right. This blog is not a reaction to what we have seen on the web. And I’m not sure you would label all of us Charedi. (Question – Isn’t Yeshivish or Chassidish the more appropriate American equivalents?)

    We want to create a place for Baalei Teshuva and others to talk about the Yiddishkeit issues that concern them.

    Among the topics that might be discussed is how and why we became observant and what we love about the observant lifestyle. And we are glad they liked and linked to the site.

    Chaim – Can you translate that back into Yiddish so I can post it back to their site.

  4. Prepare to aquire a lifetime freind. The translation from Yiddish that you requested follows (FYI blog is tranliterated rather than translated in the original Yiddish):

    “There is a great (new) development on the World -wide -web. Up until now most Jewish Blogs were initiated by Heimishers (re: Charedim)who were incapable of coping with their strict Charedi lifestyles. The Internet’s Blogosphere served as their outlet to blow off steam and to curse out and rail against a religion that they were born into.

    Now comes the (alternative) answer! A group of Ba’alei T’shuva, among them the Heimishe Squarer community activist Rabbi Meyer Schiller, who felt that they should come together to document and respond to the questions of how and why they chose the ‘way back’ and became frum ba’alei T’shuva. (They’ve begun) blogging in a group sharing their doubts, struggles and experiences.

    The new blog is called Beyond BT (life after doing T’shuva)”

    The blog site’s web address follows along with a picture of Rabbi Schiller.

    If you could forward this to him for his critique on my translation I’d appreciate it.


  5. I’m not sure the post has the tone you’d appreciate, and they seem to get the motive wrong, but here’s the translation anyway:

    Title: R’ Mayer Schiller in Baal Teshuva Group Blog

    There has been a wonderful development on the World Wide Web. Previously, most Jewish blogs were started by heimish individuals who were frustrated with the austere Charedi lifestyle. For them the blogosphere served as an outlet to let off steam, blaspheme and criticize the religion into which they were born.

    Now the response has arrived! A group of Baalei Teshuva, among them the heimish Skverer activist R’ Mayer Schiller, felt motivated to document and respond to how and why they chose the road back and became religious Baalei Teshuva.

    The new blog is called Beyond BT (life after doing teshuva).

  6. This part is my favorite:

    א גרופע בעלי תשובה

    A group of Balei Teshuvah.

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