Where We’re Holding

Our hosting service got hit by a DDos (Distributed Denial of Service) attack yesterday, which unfortunately resulted in this site (and all others hosted there) being down for about 4 hours yesterday afternoon.

We want to express our appreciation for all the helpful feedback we have received via comments, emails and links to Beyond Teshuva. Please continue to express and share your thoughts so we can continue to improve.

More than one person commented that we’re putting out too much good stuff too fast and people don’t have time to digest it all. We were originally thinking that three substantive posts a day plus a few links was a good target, but let us know if you think that’s too much. I’m moving Rabbi Schiller’s great post toward the top of the blog, since its Friday posting date did not give it the full exposure and commenting it deserves.

It would also be helpful if you could tell 2 friends, so they could tell 2 friends, so they could tell 2 friends… so that we can connect with and provide benefit to as many people as possible. Rabbi Lam talked about commercial jingles in our heads and I’m curious how many people remember where the “tell 2 friends” meme comes from.

We’re trying to come up with a tag line. Whaddya think of “Learning, Growing, Giving (and Sushi)”.

7 comments on “Where We’re Holding

  1. Mark and I were just discussing how we (at least he and I personally) identify well with FFBs that have a constant “growth perspective” and how much we have to learn from each other. Welcome aboard and please, please, please tell two friends.

  2. I feel a bit silly that my first comment to this wonderful site is a piece of norishkeit, but I promised Mark I would: “Tell two friends, and then they’ll tell two, and so on…” was a shampoo commercial, Clairol, IIRC.

    But now to turn it into something more substantive (surely your intent all along), as an FFB, I am in awe of the life changes that Baalei Teshuva have courageously made, and the challenges you’ve faced – and clearly continue to face – tower over ours’. Still, as growing Jews, we, too, can relate to the nostalgia and enjoyments of earlier years that, although we’ve moved “beyond”, still contribute to who we are. And so, those of us who, for example, have moved Beyond Televison are BT’s after all.

  3. I think two a day is wise, spaced out as Gil suggested. Glad you’re listening to suggestions! Another one you may want to consider is adding this blog to Technorati – many people may be searching for a blog of this type, and don’t know how to find it.

  4. Gil,

    Pleasure to make your acquaintance (virtually). Being new to the world of Blogs (unlike Mark), I was initially unaware of the impact you and your sites have made here. While I’m still a rookie here, I’ve gained a lot from your sites and we appreciate the links over to here. You make a good point on the limitation of posting and Mark and I were talking along those lines this morning.

    I guess having a lot of content to share should be the least of our problems. Getting it out there properly and proportionately is something we’ll have to tweak with your good advice and the others who have shared as well.

    Thanks again.

  5. You might want to collect posts at that speed but put up only two substantive posts a day (one in the morning and one in the late afternoon). It’s going to be hard to keep up the momentum and pace with which you are starting.

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