Request for Contributors

The ideal for a Baal Teshuva, or any Jew, is to try to listen, hear, understand, learn and integrate wisdom from all sources, as the Mishna 4.1 in Avos says, “Who is wise? He who learns from all people…”. Fortunately there is much wisdom out there born of thought and experience, waiting to be shared.

We will be adding some new voices in the coming days from various walks of life, highlighting our heartfelt belief that there are many paths for building a relationshop with G-d and His world.

We’re planning on starting a Thursday post, written by a Rabbi. If you are interested in contributing, please submit your 100-500 word submissions to

And lastly, we’re soliciting contributions from people who have something to share with the Baalei Teshuva constituency. It doesn’t much matter where you have started from as long as you’re heading towards become a better Jew tomorrow than you are today. Please send you 100-500 word submissions and links to