Enlarging the Tent of Torah

One of the themes we will be emphasizing are the different paths people have taken in developing a relationship with G-d. I was talking to a teacher of mine recently and he expressed the opinion that observant Judaism is maxing out. We need to recognize that if we want more people to share in the beauty of Torah, we have to enlarge the tent. By sharing our experiences we are hoping to make each individual’s path, a little easier and a little less lonely.

Our first Rabbinic contribution comes from Rabbi Alter Klein who elucidates the path of intensive learning. Later today we will be posting the experiences of our first college student contributor, Rachel Adler from the University of Penn who will share her journey to date.

6 comments on “Enlarging the Tent of Torah

  1. Hayim – Thanks for the notice on the prior art, I had not seen it before.

    I think “Tent” and “Palace” have slightly different metaphorical connotations, so maybe there’s room in the house for both.

  2. “Enlarging the Palace of Torah” is actually an expression from R. Kook’s writings, and the title of a recent book by Prof. Tamar Ross.

  3. BS”D

    Beautiful title and metaphor. It makes me think of the tent of Avrohom, open in four directions to whoever wanted to come close to Hashem.

  4. Thanks Yossie. I think KGH and Passaic should be sister cities across that great divide we call the Hudson.

  5. Mark,

    Mazel Tov on starting this wonderful blog!

    I just found it after R’ Lazer Brody mentioned it on his blog. B’li Neder I will let people know about it – and may even be able to send some contributors your way..

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