Some Links to End the Week

Thank G-d that we have been able to share so many ideas and experiences in such a short time. We’ve been told that we’re delivering too much of a good thing too fast. So next week we’ll slow down so we can all digest a little better and get some more interaction and ideas in the comments. We’ll be going with two posts a day on average, one in the morning and one in the afternoon (and sometimes one in the evening) . There will also be multiple current topics in a given week.

Here are some links for your Pre and Post Shabbos reading pleasure:

Mordechai Housman (Kressel’s husband) on Becoming Religious, and Your Family

Batsheva Hirschman Frankel (no relation) on Light in the Strangest of Places .

A National Adopt-a-BT Proposal.

A Simple Jew on dealing with relatives.

Free Rabbi Akiva Tatz tapes. For family issues look at TZ 26 Newly Observant: Social Integration.

Have a good Shabbos.

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