Crisis in Israel

Does everyone know what is going on here in Israel? The crisis that has come to Klal Yisrael? If you are unaware –Prime Minister Sharon is in Hadassah Hospital, having suffered two strokes and massive inter-cranial bleeding. He is on life support. Ehud Olmert (!) is now Interim Prime Minister. Our enemies are rejoicing – They are saying that this as a gift from G-d. This is a very crucial and dangerous time for Eretz Israel and Am Yisrael. Please daven for all of us that Hashem should guide us through this chaos with rachamim. This whole topic deserves much more than this cursory note – but I wanted to get this out ASAP.

5 comments on “Crisis in Israel

  1. You are aware there’s a religious left out there, as well as a secular right, yeah?

    Perhaps dialoging with them both would do much to strengthen your ahavat yisrael.

  2. Ehud Olmert is even more left leaning than Sharon – back in 2003 he was one of the first from Likud to support a near total pull-out from Yesha. If you’re interested in Israeli news that is not slanted towards the non-religious left, try

  3. I hope that everyone who knows about it is davening for the wellbeing of the Jewish people through this crisis. A time like this, when big things are happening that directly affect us Jews is the time to really deepen our tefillot – and not just to pick up the newspaper and get upset or even worse, to go on to read something else.

  4. very serious situation indeed but my guess is that anyone techy enough to get to this blog wouldn’t have missed it – it is front page news on every paper and web site in the world

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