Why G-d Created Google and the Web

It seems clear that G-d created Google and the Web to connect people and to spread Torah.

We were very fortunate this week to make some new friends at the Passaic Melave Malke, including Akiva who blogs at Mystical Paths. Akiva took photos and video’d (with his Canon camera) the first half hour of Rabbi Lazer Brody’s shiur and it’s a real treat to watch Rabbi Brody in action. Thanks to Akiva for joining the Beyond Teshuva team, the Passaic Torah Institute (PTI) for hosting the event and to Google the rest of the Web infrastructure for helping us to connect and spread Torah.

Video: Rabbi Brody, first 20 minutes.
Video: Rabbi Brody, next 12 minutes.

Photos: Rabbi Brody in Passaic, Photo Set here, Slide Show here.

Audio: Rabbi Brody, full 2 hours, MP3 format,
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Rabbi Brody Speaking in New Jersey (click the play button to watch)

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  1. Note the embedded player is the first 20 minute video clip. Follow the link for the next 12 minutes (sorry, that’s all my memory cards would hold.)

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