Voice, Vote and Listening

Please give us your input on How You Would Spend the Money for longer term Baalei Teshuva support efforts. Your voice can make a real difference.

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Since Chava posted about Cultivating a Love of Eretz Yisrael, here is a great shiur by Rabbi Herschel Welcher covering the four major opinions on The Mitzvah to Live in Eretz Yisrael (left-click to play right click and Save Target as to load it to your PC)

For more listening pleasure, Classic Sinai has 24 great Torah mp3s that you can download or listen to on your PC including Rabbi Noach Weinberg on “Happiness” and “Pleasure: The Ultimate Energizer” Rebbetzin Heller on “Our Bodies Our Souls” and other greats by Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser, Rabbi Lawrence Keleman and many others.

One comment on “Voice, Vote and Listening

  1. Since you mentioned the opportunities for audio learning, I wondered if the readers are aware of aishaudio.com, which lists hundreds of shiurim on many topics by many speakers. Some shiurim are available by free online streaming; all are available by purchasing tapes, CD, or MP3. And BTW, there is a lecture given by Rabbi Yerachmiel Milstein called “Raising an FFB in a BT home”.

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