Rabbi Label Lam’s Hilarious and Inspiring Life Story

The Melave Malke was great. We had about 45 people and everybody enjoyed the good food, good friends and good time. The regular and guest contributors in attendance included Ayreh Leib Ecker, David Kirschner, David Linn, Rabbi Dovid Schwartz, Kressel Housman, Mark Frankel, Michael Salzbank, Steve Brizel and of course Rabbi Label Lam. We were glad to welcome many new and old friends and faces to our growing Beyond Teshuva community.

Rabbi Lam was fantastic and he shared his story with us and had the room rolling on the floor laughing for much of his presentation. In the last third of the lecture he left us with a number of practical tools and techniques to continue on our path of Teshuva.

Here is Part 1 – Life Story, Part 2 – Life Story and Part 3 – Tools for Continuing Growth of Rabbi Lam’s speech. Enjoy!

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  1. The Melave Malka was wonderful! Rabbi Lam was great and it was nice seeing such a good turnout. The food was good also. I think events such as these and the covention and Shabbaton ideas for the future will help people to feel more connected to others and provide needed chizuk.

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