New Google Mashup Enables Davening On the Web

Well if you’re looking to catch a Minyan on the Web, you’re out of luck. But the Shulchan Aruch (90:9) does say “However, if one is faced by compelling circumstances and cannot come to the Synogogue, he should see that the time when he prays coincides the the time when the congregation prays”. I wonder if there would be any halachic benefit to having a Shul webcam so you can daven at the exact same pace as the minyan and on Mondays and Thursday you can view and hear the reading of the Torah?

When you need to catch a minyan and you’re away from your normal Makon Kavuah, there’s a new site that mashes up Google Maps with your local minyan schedule called Minyan Maps. It’s pretty cool and useful and a friend of mine in Kew Gardens Hills heads the project, so give it a look.

While we’re talking about good Davening sites, check out Go Daven. They’ve been tracking minyanim on the Web for a while and they have some good articles to help you improve your prayer.

For your zmanim needs there’s MyZmanim. The site is approved by HaRav Yisroel Belsky and you can get a great printout of all the relevant Zmanim for the month.

And if you want more Torah links for davening, you can go to the AishDas site of Tefillah Links.

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  1. Let’s just suppose that a webcam were placed in a shul, would the person (or people) davening from home count in the minyan?

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