In Appreciation of Rabbi Horowitz and Rabbi Welcher

Last night I saw the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation’s video on the Attitude of Gratitude. Rabbi Rietti, one of the speakers was amazing as usual, and he made the point that Hashem gives us so much and wants nothing in exchange, except a thank you which we express in a brocha. In fact, he doesn’t even want the thank you, except for our benefit.

With thank yous on our mind, it is a great opportunity to thank our two rabbinic advisors Rabbi Herschel Welcher and Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz. Because today both of them are being honored today at dinners of wonderful Torah learning institutions. Rabbi and Rebbetzin Yakov and Udi Horowitz are being honored at Yeshiva Darchei Noam in Monsey, the school that he founded. While Rabbi and Rebbetzin Herschel and Miriam Welcher are being honored by Shevach High School a girls high school in Kew Gardens Hills.

I have been very close to Rabbi Welcher for close to 16 years and have had the honor of talking (and emailing) extensively with Rabbi Horowitz since the start of Beyond Teshuva. The wonderful things about both of them is that they are wholeheartedly dedicated to Torah, Gemillas Chasadim and Klal Yisroel, closely connected to some of the great gedolim of our generation, and have the courage and insight to support out-of-the-box projects such as Beyond Teshuva.

Thanks to Hashem for giving our community such insightful leaders, and thanks again to both of you for your support on this project from all of us who have benefitted from it. Without your support this project would not have reached this point.

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  1. I would like to add my respects and gratitude, as well. This blog is of obvious benefit to many, many Jews. Your support and guidance are key factors in creating this important ‘community’.

    Thank you from all of us. May you both be blessed with many years of learning, teaching, and encouraging the growth of Torah, l’hagdil Torah u’l’hadirah.

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