Still At 61!?

“Still at 61!?” That’s where my “Hair Today Gone Tomorrow” post has been holding for weeks now on the “Most Commented Upon Posts” section of BeyondBT and it’s beginning to really irk me. I mean, is there no one in the whole World Wide Web to bring it up to 62? Come on people! We’ve got lists to top.

But seriously, I do eye that section on BeyondBT every time I log in to have a peek at what’s on the minds of my fellow BTs and FFBs. I think that to some degree it’s even one of the reasons I have neglected to contribute a post for so long. I mean the pressure to outperform the others in your sector can be quite burdensome.

Now I will be honest, when “Hair Today Gone Tomorrow” was holding at #2 right behind “Ba’alei Tshuva and the Dating Scene at Penn” I was all for the idea of a “Most Commented Upon Posts” section. I even found myself recommending the site to lots and lots of friends. But now that it’s slipped to 4th place, and other posts quickly gaining ground, I find myself much less enthused about the whole “blog” thing, if you know what I mean.

So I would like to make a proposition. I would like to submit the idea of doing away with the whole “Most Commented Upon Posts” section as it only serves to divide Jew and Jew…that is, of course, unless more people start commenting again on “Hair Today Gone Tomorrow.” Viva La France!!!

A freilichin!

6 comments on “Still At 61!?

  1. When this site first started, I always aspired to get on “the most commented” list. Now I wish I weren’t there. The two posts that made it were hardly my favorites. *sigh*

  2. BTW,

    As an administrator, I reserve the right to repost all comments in this thread to the post “Hair Today Gone Tomorrow” in order to properly inflate Aryeh Leib’s ego.

  3. Why must we compete with other blogs? Too much competiiton is not healthy.

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