Simcha in the Days of Redemption

We are in the Purim/Pesach period, which is a time of great joy in which we remember the redemptions in the past and look towards our future redemption.

Here is a little post-Purim/pre-Pesach Torah. Our Rav bakes and sells Matzohs for the Shul and for Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim. This year, his son sent out the order forms in the mail and via email as out Shul uses technology to as great an extent as possible (We have a blog and a weekly email).

So I was wondering as follows: if you hold the the Internet is assur and you order your matzvos via email is that considered a mitzvah that comes about as a result of an aveirah and therefore you would not be yotzei on Pesach eating those Matzos. Something to think about :-)

Yesterday was a great Shabbos, as the son of good friends of ours, who happen to be BTs had a Bar Mitzvah in our Shul and lot’s of good friends were there including many contributors to this blog. It was really nice to hear Rabbi Dovid Schwartz’s son thank us for Beyond BT, since it provides much substantial discussion material for their Shabbos meal.

One of our goals here is to widen this circle of good friends to as many BTs and FFBs as possible so that we can share in each other simchas and help each other whenever and wherever possible. So why not try to get the Beyond BT Shabbaton on your calendar and email us if you plan to attend.

And of course keep those great contributions and comments coming.

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