Nirtzah (Step 15) – Bringing it all Home

Rabbi Shmuel Simenowitz is a guest contributor and commentor on Beyond BT. Rabbi Simenowitz uses all his resources including his Organic Farm and his smoking electric guitar to bring Jews closer to Yiddishkeit.

Chazal teach us that the overarching theme of the Hagada is “maschilin b’gnus um’sayem b’shevach” -we start off ignominiously and conclude with praise. (what a delightfully appropriate subtext for the “Beyond BT” community!) So having just concluded our lofty, empassioned Hallel and essentially the entire seder, what’s left for us to do?

At first blush we might be tempted to view “Nirtzah” as somewhat anti-climactic, a winding down, with cold waters thrown on us to cool us off and allow us to experience a “reality check” as it were. Perhaps a better way to view Nirtzah is as the cooling waters into which glowing hot metal is submersed so as to anneal it – both strengthening and preserving its razor sharp edge. It is Nirtzah which allows us to hold on to and truly internalize the seder experience and sustain us through our own challenges in our efforts to escape “the dire straits” (I couldn’t resist!) and exchange them for those wide open spiritual plains.

Indeed, many have the custom at this point to recite “Shir Hashirim – The Song of Songs” which allegorically extols the everlasting and omnipresent love between Hashem and His true beloved – The Children of Israel.

A freilichen and zeesen pesach to all!

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