Yasher Koach to David & Sandy Linn

Yasher Koach to David & Sandy Linn on their being honored at the Jewish Heritage Center Dinner tonight. I’ll let you know how the speech went later, I’m sure it will be great.

Update: Back from the dinner. It was an amazing event. David spoke beautifully, but was too modest to plug Beyond BT. Rabbi Dovid Schwartz said a lot of very nice things about the Beyond BT community in the journal.

Yasher Koach to the entire JHC organization for all the wonderful things they do for the BT community.

10 comments on “Yasher Koach to David & Sandy Linn

  1. David Linn asked about the Online Webster dictionary’s placeholder for “mensch”

    “Thanks. Whose pic do they have there?”

    As a former and reformed computer hacker maybe I can work something out for you. Mazel Tov and M’Chayil el Chayil!

  2. Mazal Tov! May you both go from strength to strength!

    By the way mensch is in the online Merriam Webster Dictionary.

  3. Bob:

    Thanks. If there is credit to be given for keeping the blog constructive, it must be shared with Mark and the overwhelming majority of our commentors, including you, Bob!

    Aryeh Leib:

    Thanks so much. Sandy and I did get achuckle out of your ad as we read through the journal late last night. A well needed chuckle, I might add.

  4. David-
    I’m sorry I couldn’t be there as I would have liked to be, but had to work. Our journal entry to you was short and sweet and to the point and was really meant for you to get a chuckle from. But we really admire the both of you and all that you contribute to the community and that you are always willing to help out whenever and however you can. You have a wonderful and a beautiful family, and it’s really our honor and privilege to know you and Sandy.
    Aryeh Leib and Anna

  5. Mazal Tov!

    Part of the credit due you is for keeping the tone of this blog constructive.

  6. Thank you for the kind words.

    Being honored is a combination of being embarassed and suffering through hyperbole. On the other hand, Sandy and I have such a tremendous feeling of Hakaros HaTov to the JHC.

    It was also heartening to hear and see how much of an impact the blog has had on so many people, thanks to you all. And don’t worry, Mark and Rabbi Schwartz broadcast enough public service announcements about the blog to cover us.

    Amishav: I’m blushing (and I’m not even sure mentsch is in the dictionary!)

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