Accepting People “More Religious” Than Us

One evening this week my wife related a conversation she had with her father. Her father told her that her non-observant brother thinks that she is “brain washed” because she now goes to an Orthodox shul and keeps kosher.

While not Orthodox himself, my father-in-law has a great appreciation for it and did not accept this criticism from his son. My father-in-law replied by telling his son that he needed to be more open-minded and accepting of people “more religious” than him.

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3 comments on “Accepting People “More Religious” Than Us

  1. Any religious observance at either end of the spectrum is not good. Too Frum and too left is unhealthy and narrow. Hashem teaches moderation, and us Jews need to internalize that. Being lezzaie-fair or yes – fundementalist – about our religion just causes emotional conflict and bitterness within our own communites.

  2. George Carlin did a routine where he commented “Anyone who drives slower than you is an idiot. Anyone who drives faster than you is a maniac” I’ve seen this applied to level of religion as well. Anyone more religious than you is a fanatic, anyone less religious than you is a heretic.

  3. This is a great continuation of “Is Tolerance a Dirty Word?”

    It’s just as easy to point the finger and say, “that person is too frum”. Diversity within Halachah is what makes yiddishkeit great. Ever look around during Shemonah Esray, everyone davens a little differently.

    Your father-in-law sounds like a smart guy.

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