Support Israel by Encouraging President Bush and Secretary Rice

A friend of Sefardi Lady suggest that we sign and publicize the OU-IPA Petition. The petition is to thank President Bush and Secretary Rice for their staunch support of Israel as she struggles for her existence and fights the terrorists on her southern and northern borders.

Please go to the link and sign this important petition. It will only take a few seconds of your time and while you are there, you can also donate to the OU’s Israel Emergency Fund if you are still looking to give during this time of war.

The OU-IPA division will be delivering the petition on Tuesday, so don’t delay.

The text of the petition can be found at the link.

9 comments on “Support Israel by Encouraging President Bush and Secretary Rice

  1. Bob,

    You make some clearly valid points. The current administration does seem to have an often schizophrenic approach to Israel. I made be wrong (it wouldn’t be the first time…today) but I think the administration truly has Israel’s best interests at heart but is often misguided and mistaken. Far too often, unfortunately.

    However, I think that is all the more reason to vocally support the administration when they take a proper position towards Israel, especially when they do so in the face of opposition from the rest of the world.

  2. This is not to take away from the importance of the petition campaign, but there is a context:

    Over the last few years, we have often heard these contradictory messages from the US Government to Israel:

    1. Restraint, restraint, restraint no matter what. Retreat or lose US support.
    2. We’re so disappointed that Israel failed to mash its opposition within X number of days. Advance or lose US support.

    Was it not the US (and not only one administration or party) that continually mixed into Israeli politics to guarantee the most dovish leadership available there? And tried to make Arafat, Abbas and others out to be moderate statesmen to be cultivated by one-sided concessions?

    We’re again going through this schizo message cycle.

    At the moment, Israel’s actions are thought to advance US policy vis-a-vis Iran, so Israel is encouraged.
    At another moment, Israel’s identical actions (or tamer actions) are thought to threaten the US relationship with Arab oil states, so Israel is pushed back.

    Until President Bush and his employees have a coherent vision, these mixed messages and the accompanying failures of their policy will continue to confuse friends and foes.

  3. Of course, we should all thank Hashem but it is the derech of Hashem to work through messengers. When one of those messengers chooses to take positive steps in support of eretz yisrael, we have a duty of hakaros hatov. This is obvious and has been recognized by gedolim across the board.

    There is a big difference between putting your faith in someone other than Hashem and showing Hakaros HaTov.

  4. thank who? Why don’t we thank HaShem? Why would I want to thank leaders that are backstabbing their own citizens? Are you so blinded?
    Are you next going to petition to pray for Sharon’s health and thank him for kicking out 10,00 Jews from their homes or better yet, lets thank bush/condi for their road map. Let’s see another Katrina hit them!!!

    Thank only HASHEM!!!!!! Do Tshuva

  5. Thanks admins for posting this. Our friend is working really hard to get the word out and will be so thankful.

    Tuesday is the presentation date everyone, so don’t delay. :)

  6. I know you people in the US don’t think/hear about Canada that much, but our government has been amazing in their support for Israel and their condemnation of Hezbolla. I don’t know how far it will go, and it’s different from Canada’s general “neutral” stand, but during these past few weeks, i’ve been a proud canadian! here’s an example article, there are probably better ones, but just to give you an idea. (copy and paste the address)

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