Pre Shabbos Links and Notes

The Jewish Heritage Center High Holiday Retreat is one of the best places to spend your Rosh Hashana. They have great lectures by Rabbi Label Lam, Rabbi Moshe Schwerd, Dr Gila Schwerd, Rabbi Yitzchok Wurem and Rabbi Ronnie Greenwald. The davening led by Rabbi Yossi Singer is fantastic and there is also a beginner’s service and singles programming. And to top it off, many Beyond BTers will be attending including Mark, David, Rabbi Lam and others. Call them at 718 575-3100 to make your reservations.

Leandro Katz & Matías Duek are two new friends from Buenos Aires, Argentina who read Beyond BT and have started there own Teshuva blog in Spanish, Mi abuelo tenía razón (My Grandfathers Were Right). If you don’t understand Spanish, you can use Alta Vista’s Babel Fish to translate.

Rishona has started a new web forum for Orthodox Jews-Of-Color.

Rabbi Noson Weisz on The Economic Model of Torah Reality.

Rebbetzin Heller on the Path of Teshuva (Where to Begin).

6 comments on “Pre Shabbos Links and Notes

  1. Leandro and Matias: I have been trying to locate a couple from Buenos Aires named Szerman that we knew 25 years ago. We were neighbors and friends in New York in the early 1980’s, after which they returned to Buenos Aires before having children. Is there a way to find them in the Jewish community there?

  2. Sent the link to Mi abuelo tenía razón to Rabbi Algaze. Given that he’s from Argentina, and that kiruv is his forte, I’m sure he’ll appreciate it!

  3. Hi, we are Leandro y Matitiau from the “Mi abuelo tenía razón”. We want to thank you again for promoting our blog. We started recently, but is not a bad idea to translate some of the articles to english.

    Shabat shalom from Argentina.

  4. One fun thing is to do a machine translation, using Babelfish or whatever, from English to another language, and then do it again to turn the translated result back into English. Try it, you’ll like it!

  5. I tried the Babel Fish.. It did a half decent job but some things get lost in the idiom. It sounds choppy like someone sat there with a spanish/english dictionary translating the individual words with little regard for sentence structure or style.

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