Chayei Olam – A Second Stage Kiruv Organization

A few weeks ago we spoke with Reb Yoel Goldberg and Rabbi Leib Shear co-founders of Chayei Olam, a new second stage kiruv program. They have created an organizations which is squarely directed at many of the Beyond BT readers. In the hours we spent in conversation they showed their awareness and concern for the issues that Baalei Teshuva face. They listened carefully to the input we gave as a result of our experiences here at Beyond BT. We hope those who can, take advantage of the services they are offering. Below is an article published in a local Monsey paper which highlights the goals of the organization.

Yomim Tovim are around the corner. Are we ready for the task? Are we familiar with its many rituals? Do we understand the meaning behind all the tefilos on Yomim Noraim? What’s in the honey we will be dipping into so often throughout Tishrei? Why does such a seemingly benign tefiloh as Kol Nidrei evoke such emotion? Why are men spending so much time and money on Arba Minim?

If questions such as these have been on your mind, then you’re not alone. So many of us have not had the time or opportunity to delve into the meaning of so much of what we practice. Many of us also may have not learned the intricacies of Halacha and Minhagim growing up. A Chayei Olam shiur on varied and timely topics of interest may just be for you.

Sensing the thirst for knowledge of so many young men and women in our community, Chayei Olam’s Family Enrichment Center has set out to fill that need. Through its Men’s and Women’s divisions, many innovative programs are being initiated to educate and inspire young couples seeking to further their growth in both Torah and raising a Frum family.

“The many Gedolei Yisroel who have encouraged us to launch these programs,” says Rabbi Leib Shear, Chayei Olam’s director, “have emphasized the need for personal growth in order to properly build and maintain a strong Torah home.” Success in raising children is highly dependent on Sholom Bayis, which in turn is highly dependent on the self confidence which comes with traversing a familiar road in life. On the other hand, uncertainty is the cause of much family stress.

Many outstanding individuals, and those true Mivakshei HaShem that have not benefited from a Torah upbringing, may be missing many crucial skills in understanding and navigating the world in which they now find themselves. Some examples: Assisting children with their homework assignments can be quite challenging for a parent that has never learned the material before. Homemaking for a mother of several children can be a daunting task, for those who have grown up in a small family. Parenting in today’s society, with its many challenges, is tougher than ever.

Many couples would benefit immensely from both classes and personal instruction on so many issues that all of us share. In addition, forming a strong connection to a Rav with whom many personal issues and questions can be discussed, can be an incredible asset to any couple.

With the strong encouragement of many prominent Gedolei Yisroel, Rabbonim, Mechanchim, and Kiruv Professionals, Chayei Olam has set out to offer a comprehensive approach for the benefit of its participants. Our goal is to pick up where most kiruv organizations have left off. “So much programming is offered to unaffiliated Jews and to those returning to Yiddishkeit. However in the years which entail the crucial phase of raising families and integrating into the Frum community, there is very little available to the general public,” says Yoel Goldberg co-founder of Chayei Olam.

Many of the shiurim will be given by renowned Rabbonim, and leading Mechanchim, enabling participants to interact with them on a personal level. Time will also be set aside for private consultations. Planned retreats will allow close interaction and access to many of our Torah leaders as well.

Another objective of our organization will be to introduce families to one another, thereby fostering a closer bond between members of our community. Hopefully these relationships can benefit us all, by sharing our strengths and resources with each other.

A very exciting dimension of the organization has been our Chayei Sarah women’s division, an affiliate of Neve Yerushalyim, which has regular workshops and shiurim in various homes in the community. They offer a friendly environment with childcare available. The response to these offerings have been overwhelmingly positive.

In preparation for the upcoming Yomim Tovim, Chayei Olam in conjunction with Khal Zichron Mordechai will be offering a three part series of shiurim for men. The first three shiurium will be on Wednesday September 6th, Wednesday September 13th, Wednesday September 20th at 8pm and will be conducted by Rabbi Zvi Nussbaum Shlita, a renowned Magid Shiur from Washington Heights. This will take place at Khal Zichron Mordechai on Fosse Court in South Monsey.

For further information, please call Rabbi Leib Shear or Mrs. Rivka Shear at (845)425-3718 or email

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  1. Hello All,
    I haven’t posted here in a while although I have been stopping by just recently to see what is being discussed. Knowing both Rabbi Shear and Rabbi Goldberg personally, I can very strongly endorse this project. They are very talented and learned individuals.

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