Project Inspired for Rosh Hoshana

Project Inspired has their Rosh Hoshana campaign underway and they are providing great pamphlets about the Yomim Noraim that you can send for free to your non-observant friends and neighbors.

In their own words:

Project Inspire is a campaign to unify the Jewish People by means of monthly / bimonthly initiatives to share the richness and wisdom of our heritage in simple and inspiring ways.

Our united efforts this year will, with G-d’s help, be the seeds to infuse light, love and inspiration into the entire Jewish People.

I went to the Aish/OU sponsored Kiruv training seminar in KGH yesterday. I missed part of it due to a Simcha, but the hour that I caught was very inspiring. I’m trying to organize an advanced kiruv training seminar for people who are familiar with the proofs and the other basic material and want to understand how to deal with the more difficult and skeptical questions.