Happy 100,000!

While we here on the admin side of the blog are generally not numbers watchers when it comes to blog stats, we do monitor the site to determine if we are adequately serving our readers. That being said, we are happy to note that this week, the blog surpassed 100,000 visitors (and over 293,000 hits) as measured by our Sitemeter stat counter.

One of our close relatives quite correctly says that it’s not about the numbers, it’s about the people. It’s about people sharing their experiences to make it a little easier for those facing similiar situations. And it’s about people encouraging one another to forge ahead on their path towards Hashem. And it’s about people connecting and caring for one another as we work on building the Klal Yisroel that we can all be proud of.

One of the main reasons that we wanted to share this milestone with you is to give our Hakaros HaTov to all of the writers, commentors and readers here on the blog. With your help, may we all continue to learn from each other, grow with each other and give to each other

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  1. Ron – legally speaking ,I dont take stuff as seriously as you take your suits for Elul sartorial splendor meetings ;-). There is the issue though of likelihood of confusion & my statements sometimes do conflict/infringe upon the “serious” and “pretty serious” registered trademarks/copyrights. Which is why i’m usually careful before making statements in courtrooms .

    In addition ,I can usually be found running away from “gilding the lily ” headaches. Especially considering the fact that a given lily in question can very well be a waterlogged water lily in a sinking swamp (so no need for suits) among reeds, or lilies of the valley ,though they may look well grounded …….. So I try to make up for my lack of sophisticated sartorial taste and distinctly disintegrating discipline initiatives, by focusing on morals /ethics and other care bear related aspirations.

    Sometimes when you focus on the actual lily there’s no need for the gilding suits and gold ties and one can often get mistaken for “serious” and “pretty serious” as an added bonus with no sartorial related upcharge which does place a few moth holes in the suit theory for sophisticated Elul splendor living.

    M- “a role model in this middah ” trust me you’ve erroneously named the wrong marvelous in this midda role model girl ;-)

  2. Bob,
    I can’t believe you’d be so closed minded and even have the chutzpa to post a comment like…

    Just joking, I didn’t want fall into a “predictable pattern or role”.
    It IS almost Simchas Torah!!!

  3. So far, it seems that the number of commenters has been much less than the number of readers. Everyone has a personal tale to tell, and it would further enrich this site if we heard from more people.

    One pitfall of blogging or commenting is the tendency of regulars to fall into a predictable pattern or role. Fresh new ideas will keep this blog perking along.

  4. Thank you for such a wonderful and positive site. I have learned much from the posts, as well as from the commentors. Truly a unique growth oriented experience.

    JT, may I add one line to your beautiful list? Thank you JT, for adding new dimension to the concept of hakaras hatov. You are truly a role model in this middah.

  5. Mark and David deserve a huge Yasher Koach for creating and moderating a wonderful website and blog that enables all of us to share our views and grow in our committment to Torah, Avodah and Gmilus Chasadim. JT-thanks for your comment.

  6. Way cool….. first religious jewish blog I began reading consistently after an old co-worker sent me the link to a post he had submitted . Even though religion in general (especially the holidays) just gives me a huge headache excedrin has a difficult time curing …… I’ve subsequently come to understand so many concepts/questions/contradictions…….stuff I had long written off as bad spiritual debt or not worth investing any effort for understand /or simply unexplainable .
    Questions like do pure and unadulterated caring and good people exist… according to (based on) this blog they do ( Mark Frankel /David Linn).

    Random powerful stuff I’ve learned over the past few months from different contributers and coordinators ………….

    Mark Frankel taught me the Y’s on the Forgiving concept and “What can I learn what can I give” slogan and the three main focus objectives Torah /Avodah and Lovingkindness and how Queens bais yaakov is worth the tuition .

    David Linn taught me how to prolong a spiritual tan(perfect for October weather) and to never run a 10k race in hightop sneakers and sometimes hummers are not meant to be won on radio stations.

    Rabbi Schwartz enlightened my everywhere brain about the existence of Alei Shur (I purchased the book now i just need to start learning it) and profound metaphors and concept connecting with awesome wording and how the pendulum of spirituality should be regulated.

    Steve Brizel taught me how to reason and think with Linear sources RYBS/ RIETS……. and intellectual reasonings on stuff

    Yaakov Astor provided awesome insights on deep stuff like combining Identity and aircraft carriers and how to use the Led Zeplin music soundtracks in your mind as your point of origin for building and maintaining durable spiritual train tracks for the roadtrip to Heaven ( or Truth or Consequence New Mexico

    Bob Miller taught me to appreciate the concept of resisting the urge to embellish (awareness is key……. ) and other concepts like focused Linear/Strunk&White writing (now with humor!)

    Sam Smith helped me understand why I would never want to run or start a religious school but that working the night shift for tuition should definitely be considered at this time. So that when I do have children I wont have to worry about admission cards.

    Ron Colman helped me understand how sartorial preference affects subliminal messaging and sort of shapes subsequent happenstancing.(I still love my Abercrombie T-shirts and jeans though ) .

    Rabbi Goldson helped me understand why bacon is not good even in the morning and how moral is related to religion / he also represents St Louis Altruism. Thank you for the humble pie dessert with Lemonade (I switched to lemon drops).

    DK taught me why MO kiruv is a necessity

    Stuff that made me cry – Davey Pray song/Yom Kipppur takeaway.

    The list is endless ,(of stuff I learnt ,not cried over) as is my appreciation and respect for you guys. The coveted “Care Bears of the year” award definitely go out to Mark Frankel and David Linn for demonstrating the power of innovative caring strictly for the sake of caring. You guys rock …Thank You.

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