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Our Baalei Teshuva friends from Argentina, Leandro & Matías have created a documentary with testimonies from baalei teshuva called “Para qué sirve ser judío” – “Why is it worth it to be a jew?”. The 38 minute documentary in Spanish or the 3 minute introduction can be viewed here.

Sara Yoheved Rigler on Israel’s Vital First Strike One surefire way to avert a nuclear holocaust.

We are living out a modern-day Purim story. Iran’s developing of a nuclear bomb, coupled with Ahmadinejad’s vociferous threats to destroy Israel, are nothing less than an edict of extermination. Of course we must respond militarily, but our first strike must be spiritual.

Teshuva means changing course. It means doing something different than you’ve done before. It means coming closer to God by accepting on yourself to do God’s will in some area of your life where previously you had resisted.

Jonathon Rosenblum on a Time to Hate

Jews too are instructed to hate the sin and not the sinner. But sometimes the two are inextricably bound, as in Saddam’s case. And often, easy forgiveness of the sinner diminishes the horror of his crimes. As Rabbi David Gottlieb of Baltimore pointed out in the wake of the Amish tragedy, even God Himself does not forgive sins committed against a fellow human being until the victim’s forgiveness has been secured. No one can confer forgiveness on behalf of the victim, and all the more so when no forgiveness was sought.

Ecclesiastes reminds us that there is also “a time to hate.” Would we really wish to live, asks Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby (an observant Jew), in a society in which no one gets angry when children are slaughtered, a society in which there is an instantaneous dispensation for the most horrific acts of cruelty? I would not. And that is why I was glad to see Saddam hanging at the end of a noose.

Off the Derech & Those Who Care

Sunday, January 14, 2007 2:00 – 5:00pm $5 Donation
To all our Jewish Brothers & Sisters, whether you’re “Heimishe”, Modern Orthodox or some where in between:

* Have you lost touch with your Judaism?
* Have you thrown it all away, or wish that you could?
* Has Judaism become for you restrictive & punitive instead of joyous & meaningful?
* Do you have a Loved One struggling with these issues & would like to help?

A symposium will be held at the Carlebach Shul to address these issues and more. A safe place where people can vent, questions can be asked & answers will be given. We aim to provide hope, inspiration & guidance.

Speakers & Panelists:
Rabbi Naftali Citron – The Carlebach Shul N.Y.C. – moderator
Rabbi Shimon Russel – LCSW, Dean of Tikva Seminary
Pesha Cohen – LCSW , Project Takanot Coordinator, Sexual assault & Violence Program, Mt. Sinai Hospital
Yitzchok Schonfeld – organizer of the Thursday night “Chulent” get-together Rabbi Yitzchok Feldheim – Cong. – Yardley Penn.

All Welcome!! Separate Seating!! No one turned away!
For more info please go to