OHEL is Looking for Homes for Foster Children

OHEL is looking for a long term or pre-adoptive foster home for a foster child, Judah. Judah has been in foster care since the age of three. When Judah was nine, he was moved to a residential setting in order to best help him with certain psychiatric and emotional issues. He is doing very well at the residence and they have decided that it’s time for him to be placed in a home.

Judah is 12 years old. He is very sweet and loving. He is very charming and engaging. He has significant learning disabilities but he is very smart. He has an inner strength that is hard to describe. He has dealt with adversity in a way that is simply inspiring.

But like any little boy, Judah needs a lot of love. Two of Judah’s siblings have been adopted and Judah longs for a family like they have. He needs attention, structure and stability. He needs a home. He needs a family.

If you are interested, or if you know anyone who is interested, you can either email one of his previous foster parents at emansouth@aol.com or contact Shulamit Marcus at the homefinding department at Ohel at 718-851-6300. Attached is an article with more information written by his previous foster father.

If you do not feel that you or anyone you know is able to meet Judah’s needs; please consider opening your own heart and home to another young person in need of foster care – and please also talk to your friends, family members and neighbors about doing the same. Ohel is constantly searching for foster families in the metropolitan area who can provide foster children with a loving and nurturing home. There is a particular need for families in Brooklyn. Please call Shulamit Marcus at 718-851-6300 for more information.