7 comments on “Some Links

  1. There was a wondeful link to R CP Scheinberg’s Pesach excellent and concise cleaning outline which I can’t find. Could someone post the same at their earliest convenience? Thanks.

  2. It was a very thorough discussion. That only proves that an entry on Wikipedia is only as comprehensive and objective as its author.

  3. Dovid, LOVED the pictures!

    Ron, I will read your blog when I get a chance, motzei Shabbos.

    I thought the Passover write up at Wikipedia was very comprehensive and good. Did you write it Mr. Administrator? I was worried when I started reading, because you never know at Wikipedia. Believe it or not, I half expected to see something about “using the blood of xian children in the making of the matzos.” Whew! Yasher Koach if you did write it.

    Good Shabbos all!

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