JIBs, Melava Malkas, Shabbatons, Shiurim

Jib Awards: First round voting for the Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards (JIBs) is underway and closes Sunday night.

Go here to vote for Beyond BT in Best Jewish Religious Blog.

Go here to vote for Beyond BT in Best Group Blog.

Go here to vote for Beyond BT in Best Torah Blog.

We wrote a post earlier on why we think you should cast your ballot for Beyond BT. We’re sorry to be pandering for votes, but since we entered the awards we might as well try to make a good showing, and we do consider this a communal project and we’re all in this together, and this has turned into a run on sentence… Whatever. Just go and vote so we can stop bothering you.

Melava Malka in Eretz Yisroel: We’re trying to arrange a Beyond BT Melava Malke in Eretz Yisroel on May 26th in Beit Shemesh at the home of Menachem Lipkin as I’ll be in Eretz Yisroel that week. Please comment or email us (at beyondbt@gmail.com) if you think you would like to join us.

Shabbaton in Passaic: We’re working on a Shabbaton in Passaic on June 9th. Passaic is quite possibly the BT capital of the US and although we’re in the early stages, I have a feeling this will be a great event. If you’re interested in helping us organize it, or you can host some out-of-towners, or if you think you are going to attend, please email us (at beyondbt@gmail.com) or leave a comment.

Possible Monsey Get Together: I’m hoping to be spending the Shabbos of June 2nd with Rabbi Lam in Monsey, so maybe we can daven and shmooze (after davening of course) at Ohr Somayach or something. Let us know if you’re interested.

Ezzie has a Post asking why BTs choose to become observant.

Have a great shabbos, but vote first!

7 comments on “JIBs, Melava Malkas, Shabbatons, Shiurim

  1. Etana, although technically you’re not a BT, I guess we can make an exception since you have good references :-)

    Of course we’re just kidding, Beyond BT events are open to all Jews.

  2. I don’t comment on this blog a lot, but I am an avid reader of it. I live in Bet Shemesh and would love to attend the Melave Malka. (I happen to be Menachem Lipkin’s daughter- so Abba, if you need me to make anything just let me know :) )

  3. In the next round we’ll be up against Gil at Hirhurim and Rabbi Brody at Lazerbeams in the Torah category, so it will be very difficult. But come to think of it they too are Baalei Teshuva and have both played a part in the success of Beyond BT in different ways.

    But the reality is that the best (as compared to others) is not really the goal of a Torah Jew, unless we are talking about being the Best Jew that we can individually be.

  4. Just cast my vote in all 3 categories. You guys have got the lead in “Torah” as of this writing. Very impressive.

    If you take gold in any category, but especailly in “Best Torah Blog”, it will lend new meaning to B’mokom sh’Ba’alei Tshuva omdim shum ain Tzadikim Gemurim yekholim la’amod!

  5. RE: Melava Malka in Beit Shemesh at the home of Menachem Lipkin

    Please keep us posted. I now have a son learning in a Yeshiva in RBS. If it’s OK with the hanhals there I’d love for him to attend.

    P.S. You might want to ask his Roshashiva to guest speak. The man is a dynamo.

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