Still JIBing

Most of you are aware that the Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards, the JIBs, are under way (after all, we’ve only reminded you twice a week or so).

The JIBs have really served to give Beyond Teshuva a bit broader exposure which means more people are coming to the blog, sharing and joining our community.

Although the results in the Best Blog categories have not yet been officially released, it appears as if Beyond Teshuva will be moving to the finals in all three of the categories in which it competed. Thanks for voting and please support us by voting for us in the finals beginning May 9, 2007.

We also have two posts that have been nominated in the Best Post categories which have already opened for voting.

Please take a minute to vote for
Sam Smith’s Financial Realitites in the Frum World here for Overall Best Post and
Live on the Radio: The Seeds of Teshuva of a Nascent Rock Star for Best Jewish Music Post here.

Voting closes for the Best Post categories on Sunday, May 6th at 10 p.m.

2 comments on “Still JIBing

  1. Congrats David! I’m so glad to hear that the blog is moving on in the voting. Its consistently interesting, thoughtful and stimulating. You and your teammates have done a great job. I’m pullin’ for you!

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