Beyond BT Beyond Borders- Melava Malka in Eretz Yisrael

The Beyond BT Melava Malka in Eretz Yisroel is scheduled for THIS MOETZAE SHABBOS,May 26th from 9:00-11:30 in Beit Shemesh at the home of Beyond BT contributor Menachem Lipkin.(I believe his daughter will be there as well, so you can ask all of the questions you want about their letters ;) ) For location details and directions, please e-mail msl at lipkinfamily-dot-com.


Preparations for the Passaic Shabbaton are in full swing. We are trying to get an idea of numbers so if you are planning on joining us on July 20-21, please e-mail us at

Good Shabbos.

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  1. I don’t remember where I left off with my life’s story. It has been therapeutic to talk about it and hopefully it didn’t just show how great I think I am.

    A purim vort from Rav Brevda, Shlita: It says after Achashveirosh kills his wife Vashti “Achar had’vorim ha-eyleh” or “After these things”. Rav Brevda says that these words are used to express months and months of time (perhaps a year or so). What happened for a year? Achashveirosh punched in the face and beat up any unfortunate individual who walked in to see the king for any reason at all. All were terrified of King Achashveirosh because of his severe anger issues relating to the events which led up to Vashti’s death.

    Rav Brevda says “Achar ha-dvarim ha-eyleh” means that Achashveirosh made a giant display of anger to show that when he gets mad it has to be spectacular (gevaldik l’olam, as my son Yaakov would say, for those who speak yiddish). Achashveirosh wanted everyone to know how important he was and if he should become angry- well he might hurl the gem-studded blackberry at his maid, chas v’shulem, but as long as it becomes public knowledge that he is angry, that’s what shows that Achashveirosh is important [according to his understanding].

    If we get angry and rant and rave and put on a display, we get a lot of instant attention and importance by smashing dishes and frightening people around us. This is what the Torah calls gaavah, or conceit (hope I spelled that correctly).

    A Freilechen Purim!

  2. Ànd the mussar moment award of the month goes to Chana for comment #5. Its the pre flattery people. That’s the best way to present rules regulations änd other forms of religious discipline.

  3. Menachem, It was great meeting you and your family and spending some face to face time together. It was a great way to end my trip to Eretz Yisroel.

    G-d willing we’ll have the opportunity to do another get together and we’ll focus on better logistics.

  4. Jaded: Great promotional material. One thing though, the date of the Shabbaton is July 20/21, which is actually during the nine days, the Shabbos before Tisha B’Av. I don’t think we’ll have music, but the musicians should for sure come.

  5. Menachem–I did really want to come. But you’re right, it’s a work night. By the time we would have been able to get there, w/buses and all that, it would have been after 10. Hopefully there will be a next time soonish. And you’re always invited here (same goes for other Israel peoples).

    Jaded–Nah, I like to limit my time in the states to the absolute minimum necessary. To me, the airport is the only important part of New York. You should totally come here though.

  6. Just freeze the stuff and save it for the shabbaton in passaic. We could do a part pot luck afternoon lunch.
    All you Israel people need a vacation. What better city to vacation in than New York the city that never sleeps. Passaic is just a hop and a skip via Port Authority or Penn Station.
    And Passaic has the cutest quaint houses.I actually lived in one for a month and quickcheck is open 24/7
    Menachem- you can bring your whole family and extended new family.
    Ora – you should totally come ,arguing live is sooo much more fun and theres no six hour gap either and we agreed on stuff I totally remember that ;-)
    Rabbi Alter Klein- we need you to reconcile neuroscience topix and Judaism.
    Rabbi David Schalheim- We need you to help on the neuroscience and religion connnections.
    Katrin- there are so many chareidim to love in passaic for visiting.
    Rabbi Goldson does “book me in” sound familiar ;-)
    And all the beyondbt band people should definitely come ; Gershon Seif, Rabbi Simanowitz, Chaim Linn oh and Chaim Linn – you never finished your life story posting now that the “post pesach poetic ponderings” (David Linns profound verbiage ;-) on ure wifes poem issues are taken care of and pesach has come and gone im sure youll have time to finish posting and stuff.
    Bob Miller – ure practically (thread) furniture you definitely need to come. You can bring some cholent in a can from your favorite recipe for the pot luck afternoon lunch.
    Ron Coleman & Yaakov Astor = there’s nothing like brilliant authors/writers and their families to make shabbatons fun and intellectual and everyone drunk on judaism.
    Miriam P and Belle – the mussar mothers of beyondbt you guys should come, your comments are quite the mussar moments.
    Rabbi Dovid Schwartz – You always have awesome and thoroughly profound insights what better place to impart your wisdom than a shabbaton full of bright and erudite individuals drunk on judaism.
    M- Judging from your comments and your lack of full name you sound like a really good parent and modest/ considerate and understanding person, you should totally come.
    I know I’m missing plenty of people, its late i’m tired spent all day with nieces and nephews and friends just wanted to point out the obvious and then some feel free to fill in the missing blanks…………

  7. It was “lightly” attended to put it euphemistically. It was great getting to meet Mark and the others who came. Both my married daughters and their husbands were there. And I owe a big Hakarat Hatov to my wife and daughter for cooking up a storm. (Which will provide us several meals during the week.)

    Maybe next time we can do it when Shabbos ends earlier. Remember Motzei Shabbos is a work night here. (And maybe next time more of you will be living here :)

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