Unbelievably Inspirational JHC Rosh Hashana Retreat

The Jewish Heritage Center invites you to join its Directors, Rabbi Naftali Portnoy, Rabbi Moshe Turk & Rabbi Dovid Schwartz at an inspirational Rosh Hashana & Shabbos Shuva.

Spend this three day Yom Tov (and/or Yom Kippur) in a place where you can learn and grow with a great lineup of speakers:
-Rabbi Ronnie Greenwald
-Rabbi Label Lam
-Dr. Gila Schwerd
-Rabbi Moshe Schwerd.

-Incredible Yeshiva style davening and ruach led by Rabbi Yossi Singer.
-Concurrent beginners services and a dynamic array of basic workshops.
-Full range of lectures and shiurim geared for singles, couples and families of all levels of learning
-Original singles programming in a dignified Torah environment.
-Sumptuous world class meals in a luxurious and spacious hotel.

Both of us (David and Mark) have been going to this event for many years and it is truly amazing. If you can make it, we highly recommend it.

Call 718 575-3100 or email events@thejhc.org or visit http://jhcevents.com/ for more information.