Aish has a new video on their site called Blueprint which shows various interesting people extolling the virtues of learning Torah. Give it a look and perhaps email the link to someone who might find it of interest.

While you’re there, you might want to take a look at this video which humorously captures our fears in the early days of our BT experience and introduces Aish’s new advanced learning site, Pathways.

2 comments on “Blueprint

  1. Hope Jaded Topaz gets to see the woman participating in the daily LIRR Daf Yomi in the Blueprint video.

  2. Wow. The Pathways site looks amazing. I love that the citation appears when you mouse-over the footnote number (I’m looking at a sample class for the Daily Living course). Everything looks really top-notch.

    Yasher Koach to the people at Aish!

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