How to Develop Your Own Learning Program

Zev writes:

I have struggled for years with my tremendous desire to grow in learning. I was very fortunate to learn in 2 Yeshivas. Although I gained much in learning skills, I have felt stunted in my growth because I could not learn for more years.

I enjoy many areas of Torah learning, but I find it challenging to learn on my own and develop my own seder halimud (learning program) in order to be able to learn as much as I can.

Does anybody have any suggestions on what they have seen work?

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  1. I think that going to a steady shiur and developing chavrusas is critical.

  2. get a chavrusa! – Phone chavrusas work fine too! get one whose learning is just about the same as yours and the 2 of you will pull each other up! trust me!

  3. Zev,

    Two quick points to add:

    1. Learn what you like. That’s got a built in incentive.

    2. Learn with someone else, that keeps you honest!

    3. Create incentives or rewards for yourself if you complete something or keep your schedule for a certain period of time.

  4. I was thinking about this recently and decided that any good learning program has to include works/lectures/sit down and argue bais medrash sessions, from the following people/institutions:
    Here’s just a partial list off the top of my blackberry,its still a work in progress.
    YCT,YU,JTS, Chofetz Chaim Queens, Rabbi Slifkin, Spinoza, The Ramban, Rashi daughters no fictional tales though, Bruriah, Rabbi Henoch Leibowitz ztl, Rabbi Shlomo Wolbe ztl, Rabbi Shlomo Miller, Mark Frankel, David Linn , Rabbi Ronald Greenwald, Rabbi Michael Broyde, Rabbi Dov Linzer, Rabbi Avi Weiss, Rabbi Angel, RYBS ztl, Professor Noah Feldman, Rabbi Gil Student, Elliot Spitzer, Rabbi Yaakov Kaminetsky ztl, Rabbi Welcher , Rabbi Adlerstien, Rabbi Avi Shafran.Rotating gemarah arguing Bais medrash sessions at YU,Beth Din of America,Bryant Park, Madison Square park, YCT , JTS and Chofetz Chaim.
    This would be one fun all encompassing learning program. The most important thing is to learn from all different kinds of brilliant individuals. Even if you don’t like what they argue for or how they dress. At the end of the day these things don’t matter mostly. At least that’s what I believe for now on this fine sunny Tuesday afternoon.

  5. Some suggestions

    There are so many Internet Resources. Check out this link for starters

    Among the links is where there are videos going through Tosfos in Bava Kama and Kesubos

    Mishna Yomi

    Mishna Berurah Yomi

    The Yomi’s Page for multiple schedules

    The nice things about the Yomi’s are that they keep you on a regular schedule

    Go to a regular shiur in your neighborhood. Whatever it is, go to at least one shiur a week and build from there.

    Find a chavrusa. Ask around. Be persistent.

    Pay for a chavrusa. Find somebody who is advanced in learning and pay him to learn with you.

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