Introducing People to the Blueprint

As Baalei Teshuva, we know the difference Torah has made in our lives. Torah has taught us that our outlook must include concern for our fellow Jews. What better way to help our fellow Jews than to bring them a little closer to Hashem and His Torah.


On Tuesday 5/27 at 8:00 pm, Rabbi Dovid Orlovsky will be speaking at the Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills on the topic – How to Answer Difficult Questions — for Kiruv AND Chizuk. Rabbi Orlovsky, a BT himself, is an extremely inspiring and entertaining speaker, so please come.


The Kiruv.Com site has another creative way to introduce your friends, neighbors and relatives to Torah. It revolves around the fantastic film, Blueprint which was released this year.

Go to the site and you’ll see the following instructions:

1. Using the link above, email “Blueprint” to as many unaffiliated people you know.
You can write: I saw this great short video and thought you’d enjoy it. Let me know what you think.

2. A couple of days later ask them if they saw it and if they liked it.

3. When they respond, ask them if they would like to learn something with you for just 10 minutes a week. It could be on any topic they would like or you could suggest a topic.

You can also explain that there is a custom for people to learn Torah together on Shavuos, any topic they want.


Let us know in the comments whether you intend on reaching out this Shavuos to introduce more people to the beauty of Torah.