You’re Invited

Beyond BT Contributor R’ YY Bar-Chaim invites all BBTers who live in or are visitng Yerushalayim to join in the simcha of his son’s wedding.You could fly in too, if you wish.

The chasuna will take place, iy”h, this Wednesday at the Prima Palace Hotel,formely called “Mercaz”, Rechov Pinnes 2, Kabbalas Ponim from 9:15 pm.

Mazel Tov!! 

3 comments on “You’re Invited

  1. Ahavat Yisrael? I suppose, on some level. It certainly is one of my deepest aspirations. But frankly I suggested to the administrators to share this news for two, slightly less altruistic reasons:

    1) I happen to like most of whom I’ve “met” on BBT and thus consider them virtual friends. As a fairly typical BTs in E.Y., in that we have very few people from our background with whom we can share such occassions, it is a very real, “selfish” interest to use this opportunity to bring some of my virtual friendships into real life.

    2) I believe in the cause of this blog to create a virtual community of those who want to “learn, grow and give” together via authentic Torah life and values. Now you might say this is just another spin on Ah’ Yisrael, but personally I see it as a powerful Hachana (prep) for the REAL Ah’ Yisrael, which is to tend to the needs of the Jewish people regardless of what you may personally gain from it.

    There’s one more reason, but I’m not sure there’s an audience for it…

  2. Mazal Tov! May your entire family be blessed and enjoy much Nachat. What a wonderful expression of Ahavat Yisrael that you posted this invitation.

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