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  1. I heard him speak last night in Baltimore. My kind of Rav! A real kannoi. He told everyone that to really do t’shuvah, they should move to Eretz Yisrael and to start speaking in lashon hakodesh and dressing like Jews. He was extremely eidel; a person whose self-work is readily apparent. But a person who is not at all shy to say things that he holds to be the emes, even though some might take offense.

  2. If if someone does not “understand” Hebrew it is worth it to see a tzaddik- a reall servant of Hashem.

  3. oh ok, I guess ,I believe, (its all about belief and faith these days;-) that might explain everything, in easy to understand English.
    Its just that I thought he wrote the English book……….

  4. Not to rain on anyone’s spiritual growth parade, but why on earth are the New York speeches in “easy to understand Hebrew”? Or is it just some of the New York speeches that are in “easy to understand Hebrew”.
    Are any of the speeches in English ?

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