Please Say Tehillim & Prayers for Those in Mumbai

Please say tehillim and include in your prayers all those injured and taken hostage in the terrorist attack in Mumbai, India(Bombay).

The hebrew names for Rabbi Holtzberg, his wife, and their son, their Hebrew names are:
Rabbi Gavriel Noach ben Freida Bluma,
Mrs. Rivka bas Yehudis and
their baby, Moshe Tzvi ben Rivka

Ron Coleman has posted a piece called “We’re all Chabadniks Now” on his blog.

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  1. I request that the administrators of this site delete the link to Ron Coleman’s posted piece. I found it to be very patronizing and insulting. IMO, his divisive remarks about Chabad were totally unneccessary, esp. during this time of pain and outrage that all of klal yisroel is experiencing at this time.

    For shame!

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