Live at the Aish Conference

I’m here at the Aish Conference in Stamford. It’s a tremendous inspiration to be with hundreds of inspired Baalei Teshuva. The conference theme is “YOU CAN make a difference”.

We got here late last night, so we missed the opening session. Rabbi Yitz Greenman lead a discussion on The Greatest Problems Facing the Jewish People. At the end of the session, Rabbi Greenman reduced the 20 problems raised by the participants to primarily 2 – lack of proper Jewish Education and lack of enough leaders. Steve Mantz was at the talk and he gave a nice plug for Beyond BT and the discussion we had on the subject.

Lori Palatnik gave an amazing talk on “Why I Donated a Kidney to Someone I Didn’t Know”. She is an amazing speaker and she showed the tremendous power of giving, on others and ourselves.

Rabbi Eric Coopersmith is talking about steps of learning, listen carefully (plowing), understand the support of what is being said (seeding), make a judgment whether the teaching is true (harvest) and understanding the implication of what was learned (eating).

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  1. Hi mark. i just read the comment of yours above. Thanks very much for mentioning my little comment! Nice to be appreciated. thanks. see you!


  2. “Many of our ideas of what we’ve left behind, and whom we left behind, are based on rose-colored projections that are themselves premised on innacurate or wishful recollection of the real past… is that I don’t see that I have missed all that much, in any sense of the word.”

    V’hameivin yavin.

    I don’t use facebook, but I think this is powerful idea. thanks Ron.

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