Thanks From Leah Larson – the 100,000 Winner of the Wells Fargo Contest

Leah Larson shows her gratitude on her Yaldah Magazine site.

Thank You!
I’m happy to announce that YALDAH is the Grand Prize Winner of Wells Fargo’s Someday Stories Contest!!

This past Shabbos, my school went on a Shabbaton in a hotel. Right after Shabbos I called my mother to check if she’d heard any news from Wells Fargo. She told me she got an e-mail that we won! My whole school was screaming behind me and hugging me, so I couldn’t hear anything else she was saying! Here’s a photo of me about a minute after I got the news (thank you Elisheva Eisenberg for having your camera ready!)

Now for the thank you’s! So many people helped spread the word. I’d love to mention everyone, but since we got 28,880 votes that’s not possible. So here are just a few, and if I missed out anyone, please know that I am extremely grateful.

First of all, thank you to Hashem. As much as we try to do our part down here, we know that all blessings come from Hashem. I look forward to using the money to encourage more girls to come closer to Hashem and the Torah.

Thank you to my parents, who encouraged me from a young age to go for my dreams. A huge thank you to my mother for entering the contest and for the hours upon hours she spent spreading the word about voting. Thank you to my siblings and all my relatives for your support and for spreading the word as well.

Of course, a huge thank you to Wells Fargo for sponsoring this wonderful contest!

Enormous thanks to Carolyn Lanzkron of who headed our publicity campaign along with Don Martelli of MS&L. Carolyn was able to use her connections with bloggers and social media, together with many hours spent and lots of hard work to spread the word.

Thank you to the entire Bais Chomesh High School for spreading the word and for all your support!

Thank you to the YALDAH staff for spreading the word and for everything you do for YALDAH! We can’t do it without you!

Thank you to the following blogs, websites, organizations, and newsletters, who posted announcements about voting:

visit Leah’s site for the list.

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