The Unfinished Project

It is not uncommon for the following exchange to take place on BBT:

Dear Beyond BT,

I have a great project which will help a certain segment of the Jewish People.

– Gary Ideaguy


Dear Gary,

It’s a great idea. Please send us a short writeup and we’ll be glad to post it with a link to you’re site.

-Beyond BT


We star the email in Gmail and quite often we never here from the person again. What happened?

According to the Baalei Mussar, our excitement often dissipates when we talk about an idea, perhaps because the talking is some small aspect of doing. In fact one Torah Great would sometimes hold an idea for years until he would share it so that its effect would remain in effect longer.

So the next time you have an idea, please send us the three paragraphs when you email us. There’s a good chance we’ll post it and you will have at least taken a few more steps.

5 comments on “The Unfinished Project

  1. Neil, I was thinking that speech is a partial manifestation of thought which sometimes fulfills the need to actualize – so the action does not get performed.

  2. Machshava (thought), Dibur (words), and then Ma’asay (action)..
    So true. If you stop with “talking” you haven’t taken it all the way. This might be the most important thing I’ve read online in quite a while, thanks!

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