Morning Machsom L’Fi – No Loshon Hora from 9:00 Am – to 10:00 Am Each Day

In the Tisha B’Av videos yesterday, the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation (CCHF) announced the start of a World Wide Machsom L’Fi program where people would accept upon themselves not to speak Loshon Hara from 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM each day.

As the CCHF site explains over here:

One of the prime benefits of participating in a Machsom L’Fi is the opportunity to conquer loshon hora in manageable steps.

Once a person sees that he or she can refrain for an hour or two, it becomes easier to maintain self-control and awareness throughout the day.

“The yetzer hara’s most effective argument against working on Shmiras Haloshon is to convince us that it’s impossible to succeed,” says the program’s coordinator. “Machsom L’Fi defeats that argument, showing people that they can do it. This gives them confidence to continue building upon the success they experience.”

“Just as the sunrise seems to travel across the world, now there will be another special light—the light that comes from achdus and shalom— moving across the globe every day, reaching one time zone after another, one Jewish community after another,” says one of the program’s organizers.

“The image is amazing.
The reality can be even more amazing.”

To join you can just accept not to speak Lashon Hora from 9:00 am to 10:00 am each day or you can sign up for a daily email or phone call reminder over here.

One comment on “Morning Machsom L’Fi – No Loshon Hora from 9:00 Am – to 10:00 Am Each Day

  1. Shemot / Exodus, chapter 23, verse 1:
    Do not accept a false report…
    RASHI: This is warning to not believe slander…

    Vayikra / Leviticus, Parshat Kedoshim, chapter 19, verse 16:
    Do not be a tale bearer among your people…

    Vayikra / Leviticus, Parshat Kedoshim, chapter 19, verses 33 to 34:
    [33] If a convert comes to live with you, in your land, do not cause him anguish.
    [34] You must consider him as one of your native born; the convert who lives with you, and you must love him as you love yourself…

    Do not cause him anguish with painful words. Do not say to him: Yesterday you were an idol worshipper, and now you come to study Torah that was given from the mouth of the Most High?

    Bamidbar, Parshat BeHaalotecha, chapter 12, verse 8:
    …why are you not afraid to speak about My servant Moshe?

    Tanna DeBei Eliyahu Raba, Chapter 12, Paragraph 1:
    The Sages taught: You should strive to eat together with a Torah scholar, but not with the ignorant, because afterwards he will speak slander [Lashon HaRa].

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