Achrey Mos/Kedoshim In a Nutshell

The Rabbinical Seminary of America (Chofetz Chaim) branches across America are learning Yevamos and the Daf Yomi is currently in Sanhedrin so we thought it was appropriate to post the Achrei-Mos/Kedoshim outline upon which much of those two Masechtas are sourced.

Even if you not learning those Gemoras, the Parsha is a must read (in multiple senses of the term) and the outline is a good supplement to navigate through it.

Thanks again to Rabbi Rietti for allowing us to post these outlines. (You can purchase the entire outline of the Chumash from Amazon here).

# 16 The Yom Kippur Service
# 17 Shechita Outside the Temple
# 18 Araiyut – Forbidden Relations

# 16 The Yom Kippur Service
* The Kohen is warned not to enter the Temple area except to serve.
* The Sequence of The Yom Kippur Service.

# 17 Shechita Outside the Temple
* Shechita outside Temple punishable by Karet.
* The Torah warns against consuming blood
* The Shochet must cover blood of the slaughtered animal.
* Don’t eat any animal that is either Neveila (died without ritual slaughter)
or Tereifa, an animal with an internal defect. If he does eat them, he must immerse himself and his clothes in a Mikveh.

# 18 Araiyut – Forbidden Relations
* The Torah warns against following the lifestyles of Avoda Zara
* The Torah lists forbidden relationships:
* Father or Mother
* Stepmother
* Sister
* Granddaughter
* Granddaughter
* Half sister
* Paternal Aunt
* Maternal Aunt
* Uncle’s wife
* Daughter-in-law
* Sister-in-Law
* Mother and daughter
* Nidda
* Adultery
* Do not give your children to the god Molech
* Homosexuality
* Beastiality either for a man or woman
* The Torah warns of the consequence for violation of the above is spiritual excision (Karet) and expulsion from the promised land.

# 19 Be Kedoshim!
# 20 Consequences of Major Violations

# 19 Be Kedoshim!
* Train yourselves to be in control of your cravings
* Fear Parents
* Observe Shabbat
* Warning against following Avoda Zara. 
* Don’t make a Pessel for others.
* Don’t eat Pigul
* Don’t eat Notar.
* Laws of Peah, Leket, Peret, Ollalot
* Laws of stealing, denial of rightful claims.
* Laws of Oaths:
* Laws of cheating in business & withholding wages.
* Laws against cursing.
* Laws of Justice.
* Laws of interpersonal behavior.
* Forbidden mixtures.
* Forbidden practices.
* Behave with Awe in The Temple.
* Don’t seek mediums to communicate with the dead.
* Don’t seek out a Yidoni (to enter mystical states).
* Honor the elderly and Torah scholars.
* Don’t hurt a stranger or convert
* Love the convert like you love yourself
* Honesty. Don’t miscalculate, own honest measures.

# 20 Consequences of Major Violations
* Molech – Skila
* Inquiring after Ov – Karet
* Inquiring after Yidoni – Karet
* Cursing Parents – Skila.
* Adultery – Strangulation.
* Step Mother – Skila
* Daughter in law – Skila
* Homosexuality – Skila
* Mother & Daughter – Burning.
* Beastiality – Skila
* Step sister from father or mother – Karet
* Nidda – Karet
* Aunt – both die childless
* Sister in law – both die childless
* Don’t go in the ways of other nations.
* I separated you form the other nations to behave in a holy way.
* Act of Ov – Skila
* Act of Yidoni – Skila