Outline of Parsha Re’eh

Here’s Rabbi Rietti’s outline of Re’eh. You can purchase the entire outline of the Chumash here.

# 11 Blessing & Curses
# 12 17 Mitzvot
# 13 The False Prophet – Missionaries – Apostate City
# 14 Forbidden Animals – Fish – Birds
# 15 Laws of Shemitta
# 16 Pesach – Shavuot – Sukkot

# 11 Blessing & Curses
* Look! I have set before you a blessing or a Curse, the choice is yours!
* The Brachot are read on Mt. Gerizim, the curses on Mt. Eival.
* Warning to practise all the Mitzvot.

# 12 17 Mitzvot
* Destroy idols in the promised land.
* Don’t destroy any item with Torah on it
* Bring vowed offerings to The Temple on the 1st available festival.
* Only bring your offerings to the Temple site.
* Don’t bring an offering anywhere other than the Temple!
* Redeem invalid offerings.
* Don’t eat Kodshim Kalim before spraying its blood.
* Maaser Sheni produce can only be eaten in Yerushalayim.
* First-born male cows, sheep and goats eaten in Yerushalayim.
* Don’t eat Shelamim, Olah & Todah outside the courtyard.
* Don’t eat the first-fruits (7 items) outside Yerushalayim.
* If you have no Maaser Rishon for the Levi, give him Maaser Oni or invite him to your home for a meal. Thus you will not be neglecting him.
* All non-sacrificial meat must be ritually slaughtered.
* Never eat any part of an animal while it is still alive.
* Don’t eat the blood of an animal.
* Don’t offer an Asham, Chatat, or voluntary offering outside Yerushalayim.
* Blood drained from the offering must be poured on the Altar as prescribed
* Review the Oral Law. I have taught you and practice it for yourself and your children forever, onlywith learning and review will you be able to do what HaShem wants from you (rashi).
* When HaShem removes all your enemies from the Land, be warned: Don’t fall into the trap of following the idolatrous practices of the nations.

# 13 The False Prophet – Missionaries – Apostate City
* The Torah is perfect and complete, so don’t add or delete a single Mitzva.
* A dreamer or prophet that demonstrates his credibility with open miracles and then invites you to try a new god or religion, kill him.

Laws of Missionaries:
* Forbidden to love a missionary.
* Don’t agree or listen to a missionary.
* Don’t save his life.
* Don’t pity or have mercy on him by speaking in his defence.
* Judge him unfavorably.
* Kill him since he tried to persuade you away from HaShem.

Laws of an Apostate City:
* A claim made of a city that was persuaded to follow another god must be checked thoroughly by The Sanhedrin.
* If the claim is true, the entire city is burned.
* Don’t ever rebuild an apostate city.
* Don’t derive any benefit from the destroyed apostate city. 

# 14 Forbidden Animals – Fish – Birds
* You are My children
* Don’t mutilate your body in over-mourning or for idol worship.
* Don’t over mourn by removing your hair.
* Don’t eat any animal that is an abomination to HaShem.
* Signs of Kosher Animals
* Signs of Kosher Fish
* Signs of Kosher Birds.
* Don’t eat flying insects.
* Don’t eat an animal that was not ritually slaughtered.
* Separation between Milk & Meat
* If you are strict to give one tenth of your profits, you will become rich.
* Maaser Sheni Tax and its laws.
* Maaser Rishon Tax to the Levi.
* Maaser Oni Tax (poor man’s tax) 3rd & 6th years.
* The purpose of eating is to acknowledge HaShem’s Presence.

# 15 Laws of Shemitta
* Loans are canceled in 7th year.
* Don’t press fellow Jew for repayment.
* Press a gentile for repayment.
* Don’t refuse to lend just before Shemitta afraid your loan will be canceled.

Laws of Tsedaka:
* The only reason G-d blesses you w/ wealth is to give it to the poor.
* Don’t refuse to help a poor person.
* Open your hand.

Laws of a released Jewish Servant:
* After he served you, don’t send your Jewish servant away empty.
* Send him away with food gifts

Laws of First Born animals:
* Cannot use it for any work.
* Cannot shear its wool.
* First born animal is consecrated by the owner in its first year of life.
* It’s eaten by the Kohen in Yerushalayim and no Levites or Yisrael can eat it.

# 16 Pesach, Shavuot & Sukkot
Laws of Pesach:
* Destroy Chametz before 6th hr.
* Don’t leave over any meat from Korban Pesach after dawn.
* Count Sefira.
* Shavuot.
* Sukkot:
* Be happy on My festivals.
* Appear three times a year in Yerushalayim.
* Don’t appear on the festivals empty of gifts.