Parsha Bo

Here’s Rabbi Rietti’s outline of Bo. You can purchase the entire outline of the Chumash here.

After you read the Parsha, take a look at the last Ramban, which many consider one of the most important Rambans in the Chumash.

# 10 Locusts – Darkness:
# 11 Warning: Death of First Born: 
# 12 Laws of Korban Pesach – Death First Born – The Exodus
# 13 Separate Every First-Born Man & Animal

# 10 Locusts – Darkness:
* The Purpose of the Plagues: To tell your future generations of the wonders
then you will know I am The Eternal G-d.
* Warning of Locusts
* Pharaohs’ servants complain:
* Pharaoh & Aron are called back to the palace
* Pharaoh asks who is going? “Everyone” “No! You Go on my terms!”
* Pharaoh throws them out the palace
* Plague of Locusts
* Pharaoh again admits his guilt:
* Moshe prays
* West wind blows every last locust away
* HaShem hardens his heart:
* Plague of Darkness
* Pharaoh agrees on condition they leave behind their livestock
* Moshe replies, “Even you will give us animals for offerings”
* HaShem hardens his heart:
* Pharaoh warns Moshe never to be seen again, Moshe agrees

# 11 Warning: Death of First Born:
* ‘Just one more plague and then Pharaoh will let you go’
* Moshe is instructed to tell Jews to borrow vessels of silver & gold
* ‘About midnight HaShem will strike down your first-born’
* ‘Pharaoh will not take heed so I can display My abundant Wonders’

# 12 Laws of Korban Pesach – Death First Born – The Exodus
* The first Mitzva: Sanctify the new moon.

Laws of the Korban Pesach:
* Slaughter the Pascal Lamb in the afternoon of erev Pesach.
* Place its blood on the doorposts of Jewish homes
* Eat Pascal Lamb completely roasted with Matza & Marror.
* Don’t eat the Pascal Lamb cooked.
* Don’t leave any meat of Pascal Lamb remaining till the morning.
* Eat it ready to leave, your loins girded, sandals on feet and staffs in hand
* I will Pass over Egypt and smite every firstborn, human male and animal
* I alone will smite the gods of Egypt
* Blood on your doorposts will be a sign for Me to Passover your homes
* This night will be observed as a celebration forever
* Destroy all Chametz from your home before Pesach.
* Eat Matza on the first night.
* Don’t own any Chametz.
* Don’t own any mixture of Chametz.
* How to answer your son (the rasha) when he asks about these rituals
* All the Jews did the rituals of the Korban Pesach exactly as instructed

* The plague of the Death of the First-born struck at exactly midnight
* Pharaoh awoke, not one Egyptian home was without a death toll
* Pharaoh begged Moshe & Aron to leave exactly as they had requested
* “And bless me too!”
* The Jews emptied out Egypt
* The Jews traveled from Ramses to Sukkot – 120 Miles in under 18 mins.
* 600,000 men between 20-60, beside children & the ‘Eruv Rav’ & livestock
* They left with mere Matzot cakes
* Jews had been enslaved for a total of 430 years

More Laws of Pesach:
* No alien can eat the Pascal Lamb.
* Circumcised gentile servant (no immersion) cannot eat.
* Don’t eat the Pascal Lamb outside of the designated group.
* Don’t break any of its bones.
* No uncircumcised person can eat it.

# 13 Separate Every First-Born Man & Animal
* Separate every first-born male man and animal.
* Remember The Exodus

More Laws of Pesach:
* Don’t eat Chametz for 7 days.
* Don’t let any Chametz be seen in your domain.
* Tell the story of the Exodus to your children.
* Separate all first born of your livestock.
* Every first-born donkey redeem with a sheep.
* If you do not redeem the donkey, decapitate it.
* Every 1st born male child redeem with 5 Sela of silver.
* How to answer the child who asks about Pesach,
* Tefilin on the arms and head