Has Torah Helped You Find And Define Yourself?

Two posts this week focused on different aspects of finding yourself within Judaism?

Has Torah helped you find yourself?

Has Torah helped you define your roles?

Do you think having the ability to choose your path within Judaism helped your self-definition process?

One comment on “Has Torah Helped You Find And Define Yourself?

  1. When I first became a BT many years ago, I was troubled by the role of Orthodox Jewish women, and I struggled with how to define myself within what I perceived to be narrow limitations.

    Fortunately, I was finally able to find good role models who showed me that the path for Orthodox Jewish women was much wider and more encompassing of individuality than I first believed.

    One of the role models whom I discovered is a brilliant rebbetzin who combines solid frumkeit with a modern career, taking care of her family and her shul and her work responsibilities all equally well.

    I’m still in the process of defining myself, even though in the last few years I’ve added on “Bubbe” to my various identities. Along the way I’ve been enjoying the journey.

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