Outline of Va’eschanan

Here’s Rabbi Rietti’s outline of Va’eschanan. You can purchase the entire outline of the Chumash here.


# 3 Moshe Pleads to Enter Promised Land
# 4 Fundamentals of Emuna
# 5 Review of Ten Commandments
# 6 The Shema
# 7 Warning Against Assimilation With The 7 Nations

# 3 Moshe Pleads to Enter Promised Land
* Moshe Pleads to enter the Promised Land.
* “Don’t say another word!”
* Moshe sees Promised Land.
* Yehoshua is charged to lead Beney Yisrael into Eretz Yisrael.

# 4 Fundamentals of Emuna
* Warning to Practise all the Mitzvot.
* Which Nation has An All Powerful G-d close to them like you?
* Don’t ever forget National Revelation at Sinai!
* Warning against turning to another god, it will only be self-destruction.
* Warning of Exile, remain few, scattered.
* Prophecy: We will return to HaShem.
* The unescapable Truth: There will never be another Divine Revelation.
* Know in your thoughts and emotions: There is no other Power.
* Practise the Mitzvot & you will have long days.
* Moshe designated 3 Cities of Refuge on E. side of Jordan river.

# 5 Review of Ten Commandments
* Review of National Revelation: “We all stood at Sinai.”
* “HaShem spoke to you face to face, you heard HaShem speak to you.”
* The Ten Commandments reviewed.
* Don’t desire anything belonging to another.
* Your leaders begged me to be G-d’s agent instead of hearing directly from G-d.
* “G-d said: If only you would always have this awe of Me!”
* HaShem told me to remain on Mt. Sinai to learn all the Oral Law.

# 6 The Shema
* The Purpose of the Mitzvot: To learn fear of HaShem and obedience to all His Mitzvot.
* The Mission Statement of the Jewish People: The Shema:
* He is Our Power, He is The Only Power, The Only One.
* Love HaShem with all your thoughts, your life, your talents, your money and still love Him even when you suffer!
* Learn & teach Torah.
* 5 Point plan of Jewish Parenting:
1) Talk with your Children
2) Be a role model Jew in the home
3) Be a role model Jew outside the home
4) Be a role model Jew when you go to sleep
5) Be a role model Jew when you awake
* Wear Tefilin on arms and head.
* Place this paragraph on the doorpost of your homes and gates.
* You are arriving in Eretz Yisrael into fully furnished homes!
* Warning: Affluence could be harmful to your soul!
* Don’t test HaShem (or His Prophet).
* How to answer you son (Chacham), recall the Exodus and its purpose.

# 7 Warning Against Assimilation With The 7 Nations
How to deal with the seven nations in Canaan:
* Destroy them.
* Don’t make a treaty with them.
* Don’t favor them.
* Don’t marry with them
* Warning against intermarriage.
* HaShem lovingly chose us to be His precious nation .
* ‘Know well that HaShem rewards and sets consequences for disobedience”