2 comments on “BBT Links For The Week of May 17th 2012

  1. Our righteous and honorable Rabbis are very zealous to attack television and the internet; and sometimes those things deserve to be attacked.

    Where are the Rabbis who advocate for kosher consumers by criticizing kosher supermarkets, kosher take-out food stores and kosher restaurants that charge rip-off prices that are sometimes double the prices of their non-kosher counterparts?

    Where are the Rabbis who advocate for kosher Jews by criticizing landlords who charge sky-high blackmail rents to their hapless tenants?

    Where are the Rabbis who fight to expose crooked tzedakah collectors and unworthy Jewish non-profit organizations who extract millions of dollars from generous but gullible Jews?

    Where are the Rabbis who defend vulnerable Jews from nursing homes that charge insane blackmail prices that make their owners millionaires many times over by making their customers bankrupt and penniless?

    Where are the Rabbis who defend kosher restaurant owners from being blackmailed by kosher certification agencies that suddenly double or triple their prices overnight?

    Where are the Rabbis who work to keep arba minim prices reasonable?

  2. For those interested in what R Rosenblatt is concerned about in his discussion of Kiddush HaShem and Chillul HaShem, IMO start with the Talmudic passage in Yoma 86a and the relevant halachos in Hilcos Yesodei HaTorah. IMO,the test is simple-is the conduct in question, especially by a person of a high religious stature commensurate with bringing praise or condemnation on Klal Yisrael-as opposed to the common usage where undue publicity to a perpetrator of such actions is viewed as Chillul HaShem, in contrast to the actions that the person perpetrated or is accused of doing.

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