The Ramchal on the Power of In-Depth Torah Study

In Part II, chapter 5, section 3 of Derech Hashem, Rabbi Chaim Moshe Luzzato explains that Hashem sustains and provides spiritual energy to the world through Hashpaos, which Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan translates as Influences.

In Part IV, chapter 2, section 2 on the Study of Torah the Ramchal states:
Of all the Influences that God causes to emanate from Him for the sake of His creations, one is higher than all the others, being more dear and precious than anything else that God created. This Influence is the closest thing to God Himself that can be found in Creation, its loftiness and excellence resembling God’s own to some degree. Through this Influence God enables creations to actually partake of some of His Glory and Perfection.

This Influence, however, was bound by God to yet another creation — the Torah — which God designed specifically to carry this Influence to the physical world. In practice, the Influence arrives by means of two activities, namely, the speaking and understanding the words of Torah.

In Part IV, chapter 2, section 3 the Ramchal continues:
It is obvious that the higher the level of comprehension, the higher will be the corresponding Influence derived through it. An individual who understands only the language of a Biblical passage is therefore not equal to one who understands its meaning. Likewise, one who understands only its superficial meaning is not the same as one who delves more deeply. Furthermore, even when one does go into the deeper meaning, the more he delves, the higher will be his level.

It is an aspect of God’s love, however, that even the lowest level of comprehension can transmit a degree of this Influence. Everyone who comprehends any element of the Torah can thus benefit from this great Influence, merely as a result of what is bound together with such comprehension.

In Part IV, chapter 2, section 4 the Ramchal continues:
One level of the Torah’s Influence is therefore to reward the effort that people put into it, according to the true measure of that effort. Besides this, however, there is another aspect and level, and that is to rectify creation as a whole. There is no element in all creation that is not rectified through the Torah. Furthermore, each element of the Torah has the ability to perfect some part of creation.

An individual who wants to serve his Creator with complete devotion must therefore involve himself in every aspect of the Torah to the best of his ability. Through this, he can take part in the rectification of all creation.

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