You Give Us 3 Minutes, and We’ll Give You the 7 Habits

We’ve posted about the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People a few times here on Beyond BT because it contains many valuable ideas to help us get more out of life.

Many Jewish people we’ve met have read and praised the book. There is one small problem, many people can’t actually remember the habits, and if you can’t remember them, you can’t apply these useful perspectives in your daily living.

We founded Brevedy to make learning faster, easier and more retainable. We achieve this by organizing information into a conceptual framework and presenting it in 3 minute video segments.

Today we’re releasing our first video: The 7 Habits in 3 Minutes. if you watch once or twice, you will be able to understand and retain the basic ideas of the 7 Habits.

Please give it a view and give Brevedy a like, a link or a tweet while you’re at it.

8 comments on “You Give Us 3 Minutes, and We’ll Give You the 7 Habits

  1. I don’t think the framework of public, private, renewal is equivalent to accomplish, connect, grow. The words may have some connection, but there really different concepts.

    In any case, I hope people will watch the video once or twice. Install them in their long term memory. And use them.

  2. RMK, I disagree that the difference is all that great.

    Covey says that without the habits we fall into dependency, the first three habits bring us to independence, the next three to interdependence and the last one is continuous improvement. Not that any of the habits actually are expressions or acknowledgments of dependency.

    If you look at the terms used in the book itself (see the table of contents at ), the first three habits are in the section titled “private victory”, the next three are “public victory” and the last is under “renewal”. I really think you re-invented Covey’s original structure.

  3. In the book, Covey uses a dependence, independence, interdependence structure for the first 6 habits.

    I never found that particularly helpful. That’s why we went with an accomplish, connect, grow structure. In particular, I think our structure makes the habits easier to recall which is our goal in this particular video.

    After 2-3 views, we’ve seen that people were able to remember all the habits with this structure.

  4. Covey’s own structure is not that different than your “Accomplish, Connect, Grow”. According to the material I received in a Franklin-Covey management seminar, it’s Independence / self-mastery, Interdependence / working with others, and Continuous Improvement. (Those alternate names are theirs, not mine.)

  5. Micha, the 7 Habits is definitely of a different class. It is unlike any other self help book that I have ever read. Unfortunately it’s not so popular today as the more performance oriented titles like “Getting Things Done”.

    I had a small complaint against Covey, because despite being a God conscious person, there’s no mention of God until he writes A Personal Note at the end which includes the following: “I believe that correct principles are natural laws, and that God, the Creator, and Father of us all, is the source of them, and also the source of our conscience”.

  6. I think what makes 7 Habits so popular among Benei Aliyah is that Covey really writes about how to be more effective about being a person. The title is like that of most self help books, selling the book by focusing on how to get what you want. E.g. “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. But it’s not a list of things to do to more effectively accomplish what you want to, it starts with a discussion of having a moral compass that actually maps the objective moral domain. Of having ultimate goals, etc…

    (FWIW, the difference reflects a difference in culture between Covey’s own Mormon community and the communities of most American Protestants. It’s hard to root for Mormonism, which is outright polytheism by a halachic perspective in a way well beyond trinitarianism. But when it comes to bein adam lachaveiro, they have a lot of things right.)

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